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Over 27 years of home building experience

Let us help you design a new custom home to build on your lot and enjoy our commitment to detail.

Our Design & Build Process

Jeff Watson homes has been “Building on your lot” for over 25 years. Many of our customers already own their lot when they first contact us. Others ask us to help them locate or choose a lot that they want to build on. Some of these customers also have their own plans that they want to have priced to build.


Ray and Becky Shelton

“Attention to details… that’s what sets Jeff Watson Homes apart.”

James and Debbie Philpott

“Initially we had a lot of concerns and were somewhat intimidated with the prospect of building our first custom home. Now that it is completed, we couldn’t be happier. Jeff Watson’s team exceeded our expectations in almost every area. His design team was fantastic in helping us get our ideas onto paper and into an…

David and Marie Ray

“David and I feel that JWH is made up of a family of fine people, who, despite differences in thought, approach, background or personality, are completely committed to producing a product that is of the highest quality attainable given chosen resources of product and labor. You all appear to care about the happiness of the…

Brian and Terri Cowdry

“Everyone said building a home is a tough time but we found it to be a team effort. Jeff Watson Homes was very cooperative with our needs. We would strongly recommend Jeff Watson Homes.”

David and Linda Money

“The thing that impressed us most about Jeff was his attention to detail. As we were going through the building process, there were many days that we would meet at the house with Jeff to do a “check up” and he would spot things that either needed to be corrected or completely redone. Oftentimes these…

Bram and Beth Neil

“What impressed us was that Jeff Watson was the most enjoyable to work with and the most important thing to us was that Jeff is trustworthy and stands up to his work and his word. Also, we would like to say that he and his company are considered to be our friends.”

Les and Jan Davis

“Our house was built with the best quality of any other builder’s houses in the neighborhood. Jeff used high-end quality material and experienced contractors that pride themselves in providing high quality installation. Jeff Watson Homes is a premier homebuilder.”