Anatomy of a Site Visit
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Anatomy of a Site Visit

The first time you step onto a plot of vacant land, you’ll probably begin to envision your new home immediately: where you’ll put the kitchen, how the master suite will be oriented to take advantage of the views and how much you’ll enjoy sunset cocktails on the deck. It’s a wonderful moment. Soak it in.

That first inspiring moment ~ with dreams of what will be ~ is not the time to bust out the calculator and measuring tape. Before you sign on the dotted line, give your builder a call.

With Jeff Watson Homes, a site visit is a no-commitment opportunity to assess not only if your land can accommodate the type of home you want, but also if that property will pose any obvious challenges to your budget and design preferences.

If you’re already the proud owner of the land, then the site visit will focus not so much on identifying the pros and cons, but rather to finding solutions. Here are a few things we will consider together:


  • What type of home would you like?
  • Will we need to access build roads or major excavation?
  • How will the access issues impact construction timing?
  • Does the location provide any notable challenges for delivery trucks, semis or local suppliers?
  • Are there any impediments to site selection on the property (like boulders, seasonal waterways, etc.)?

Lifestyle Preferences:

  • How will the home’s position affect the slab? Can we place it for maximum cost efficiency?
  • How can we orient the house to maximize views and energy efficiency?
  • Are there any natural features that may enhance or hinder the inclusion of a feature you’ve prioritized (large deck overlooking a cliff, flat space for kids to play, etc.)

As soon as we’ve assessed the property, we can get started right away on design. Whether you are considering building your dream home on a lot you already own or if you would like our assistance in selecting the perfect lot for you, consider Jeff Watson Home.  A local builder known for quality home building and excellent customer service, Jeff Watson has over 20 years of experience in the area.  Call us at 512-518-4090, visit the website to learn more, or join our online community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest.